Wondering Where to Begin?


Your journey to health begins with one step.  Getting started is the hardest part!  I have been there.  So I put together this handy guide, just 5 simple steps you need to take to start living healthy and eating clean and healing yourself and your family naturally! A Healthy Lifestyle Starts Here! 

#1 Food First.

True health can only come from the inside out.  If you aren’t sure what to do first, or it feels overwhelming when you are just starting your health journey, remember this simple mantra: Eat Real Food!  When you sit down to enjoy a meal you can ask yourself, is this real food?  How much processing did this take before it got to my plate?  This is actually a very simple question to answer.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are obviously real food – even once you cook them!  But if it came from a box with a long list of ingredients on the label…then it is probably processed!  I’m not saying you can’t eat any processed food…but my rule of thumb is to keep it to 10% or less of your meal.  I try to avoid it all together some days, and then other days we might use a pre-made quinoa pasta or something like that with very few ingredients.  Start small and as you get used to eating more and more real food it does become much easier.  Eventually you might find out that you can make virtually everything you would ever want to eat – yourself, from scratch!  That includes condiments, dips, breads, pasta and even candy!  Check out some of my favorite real food recipes here! 

#2 Get rid of toxic chemicals in your home.

If toxins are in your home – then they are in your body!  Look at the back of your lotions, hair products, skin care, soaps and even cleaning products.  Is there something else you could use that would contain less toxins?  Maybe you can make some of them yourself?  I enjoy DIY skin care and household cleaning supplies.  There are so many options and if you enjoy essential oils then they make it even more fun and promote further health for you and your family.  Rather than smelling toxic fragrances that contain phthalates and can be harmful to your health, you can benefit therapeutically from essential oils and craft your own scents out of oils you enjoy!  

#3 Supplement where necessary.

I don’t believe in taking too many supplements, however there are a few essentials that I think everyone could largely benefit from.  These are things like probiotics and Cod Liver Oil.  If you suffer from symptoms of any kind, then there might be a nutrient deficiency that you need to address.  In America today common nutrient deficiencies are Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Probiotics and Omega 3’s.  The Standard American Diet is also a highly inflammatory diet.  Most of us suffer from cellular inflammation because of this.  This is in part why things like gluten sensitivity and Crohn’s disease are on the rise.  To fight these things supplementation is quite valuable.  If you are treating a child with autism then supplementation is critical.  Read more about supplements for autism and other things here. 

#4 Detoxification

Even once you clean up your diet and even if you have started using coconut oil for everything, you still need to clean up from the years of toxins.  If you are treating a child with autism then detoxification will be important.  It is very difficult to actually detox the body however.  Some methods merely stir up toxins and move them from one place in the body to another.  You need to be careful.  If you are nursing or pregnant, then that is not the time for any detoxification methods!  If you start to stir up toxins in your body when you are pregnant or nursing then those toxins are very likely to end up going directly to the baby.  The best treatment we used for detoxification of our son thus far has been homeopathy treatment.  We visited with a naturopath and got a specific remedy that has helped with detoxification pathways slowly over time.  The body will also detoxify itself if you get the detox pathways working properly.  Supplements can help with this and certain foods are excellent detoxifiers as well such as cilantro and chia seeds.  Start with gentle methods of detoxification and if you think your child has severe heavy metal toxicity then consider getting the metals hair testing done to be sure.  Then you can find a course of treatment appropriate for your child’s specific needs.  Chelation therapy might be appropriate if the toxicity is quite high. 

#5 Find Balance.

Moderation is key in all endeavors.  If you are stressed and overwhelmed with food or supplements or anything you are doing to bring yourself health, then you are undermining your goals.  Sometimes it will be overwhelming and you might need a break.  You must take care of yourself and your family in a balanced way.  I cook everything my family eats, but I still have some handy quick and easy meals that make my life easier when we are pressed for time, or if I would like to enjoy some time outdoors rather than be in the kitchen all day!  There needs to be balance.  Taking care of and trying to heal a child with autism or any disease or illness can be especially overwhelming and draining.  The first thing I have to do is let go of guilt and realize that this is my path for a reason.  That is why I started this website actually! Sharing our story gives me hope that other children will find healing as well.  Not only seeing my child heal, but having hope that others can benefit from our experience as well fills my spirit.  Moms especially need to take a little time for themselves and do things that support our own well being and give us balance.  That is not only healthy but essential!  And if you find yourself 6 months into the GAPS or some other healing diet and you are on edge…I understand!  I have been there and I would love to help you if I can.  Please feel free to reach out to me!  It is important to be consistent, especially with a child trying to achieve real healing, but I have learned tricks to help me through those times.  And I want to encourage you to find that balance and the courage to get through both the easy and the hard.  It is the hard stuff that will challenge you, allow you to grow and make you better, but you need happiness as well!

I hope this gives you some helpful starting points!  Here’s to getting healthy together!


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