Secrets of Well Being: Your Healer Within

Secrets of Well Being: Your Healer Within

Secrets of Well Being: Your Healer Within

In the pursuit of my own healthy life philosophy, I stumbled onto some unique information and ideas.  Over the past year I have thought a great deal about the human body and the power of our bodies to heal when given the proper information.  What do I mean by information?  I’m referring to all of the things our body takes in, feels and experiences.  The environment surrounding us gives our bodies information, the sights, the sounds the smells and so on.  The food we eat is information for our bodies.  The air we breath, the water we drink and even the thoughts of our minds fuel our physical bodies in ways we are probably largely unaware of.  The human body is truly a sacred vessel.  And this physical form, so perfect, so creative, and harmonious, it houses a mind and a soul or spirit that even escapes our own imagination.  This powerful being that each of us are, is a quite the miracle!

Yet much of our culture and our environment tells us a slightly different story.  That something about our being, or our creation was a mistake.  And then when we become ill in some way, we accept it as a normal disfunction of the body.  Why do we accept this?  Well, we don’t all accept this, but many do.  It’s almost as if we are anticipating our next ill, or our next problem.  But is this how we are really created?  What if we challenge that idea?  What if the vessel, the body and the soul that the vessel holds are both uniquely perfect?  Then what causes the illness?  I believe that it is simply the wrong information.  This isn’t such a wild idea or anything.  I think most of us looking around our world see some of the obvious concerns with much of the information our bodies are receiving.  We see pollution, toxins, food-like products created in a lab that are consumed as real food.  It isn’t a stretch to realize that much of this is not the information our bodies need to thrive.  We are also scared, stressed and so busy all of the time, what type of information does that send to our body and the spirit within?  

Listen to Your Body

Imagine a child, if you have ever tried to teach a child to use the potty you will understand what I’m about to say.  What do you think of when you imagine a small child, a toddler?  Are they happy, do they love to play, are they creative and curious?  I hope so!  That innate sense of curiosity and wonder and joy about learning is really fundamental to the growth and development of a child.  They play because that is how they learn about themselves and the world around them.  So now about potty training that child.  What do you say to that child?  Do you ask them to become aware of their bodies, to tune in to their urge to potty and then redirect it from a diaper to the toilet?  Often times children will learn much about this just from watching you use the toilet.  They wonder what you are doing and in time they will become aware of these normal human functions.  If we allow them, they will become quite in tune with their bodies!  I have witnessed this first hand, my four-year old son will tell me now what foods he doesn’t want to eat, specifically because he has learned that they hurt his tummy or his body in some way.  He’s in tune with his body!  Children are aware of their desire and need for sleep and food and water.  They don’t need us to tell them these things.  (Although they will resist bedtime as every parent knows!) But as we grow into adulthood, what happens to this innate sense about oneself, how do we get “out of tune”?  Does something get in the way of our natural ability to be in tune with our bodies and to know what we need? 

I believe the answer is yes.  I think there are many somethings getting in the way, trying to stop us from being in tune with our bodies and knowing what are bodies truly need and what we should do without.  We are given misinformation and contradictory information daily.  We hear, try this diet to lose weight, or get in the gym and exercise more.  But you know what we are never told?  To slow down, listen to your body and your innate sense of wisdom that we all have and find out what our bodies really need…and what they don’t.  There are industries that make money at every turn the more you look outwardly for ways to take care of yourself.  But no one is advertising to you to listen to your own soul to find health!  Well, here is the honest truth.  There is no money in you becoming your own healer!  But guess what…YOU are your own best healer.  Your body is a creation with such balance and perfection and it is capable of things you haven’t even imagined!  

Lessons Learned

 I can say this with utter confidence, because I’ve witnessed it many times over.  Not just with my son, but myself and other family members as well.  The first thing I learned is to stop thinking of my body as broken and to start working with my body to find what heals me.  I feel so strongly about this because of my personal experience.  When I changed the information I was giving my body, I began to heal in ways I couldn’t have imagined.  I lost weight effortlessly.  And I don’t exercise really at all.  I walk and I chase toddlers and that’s it.  But I cook.  I am adamant about knowing what I and the people I look after eat!  So we eat home cooked food, real food, hardly every anything processed and we are all the better for it.  We feed our souls good information by getting outside, getting some sunshine and fresh air, getting a bit dirty and laughing and playing!  We read together, we sit down and eat our meals together, we talk and we pray together.  We aren’t perfect or anything…we fight and cry and make messes and have two year old meltdowns and everything else we all do.  But I honestly know that when my kids are grumpy and fussy, or when I’m impatient and cranky…it’s because we haven’t been feeding ourselves the good stuff.  We ate something out of a box, or I got distracted in my research and haven’t sat down and played with my children or something like that.  We get thrown off.  It happens to us all.  But instead of living there…when I notice that we are trailing off…I first examine what we ate!  That is always the first culprit.  And I mean always.  A little bit of refined sugar that we aren’t used to eating can have pretty dramatic effects!  Even eating some grains that we don’t normally eat can throw us all off.  It’s pretty wild when you start to see how this happens.  If you start trying some type of whole food, or real food diet for a while and then you try something processed…you might be surprised at how your body reacts!  I will say I’m far more sensitive to foods now than I used to be…and in many ways it feels like a downfall.  I am pretty much gluten intolerant after being on the GAPS diet and I never thought I was gluten sensitive at all before.  BUT, on the positive side…I used to take three different types of allergy/asthma medications and now I take none!  Nothing!  It’s pretty amazing.  I found out that my body was struggling along with all of this bad information I was giving it and now even though there are many foods I can no longer enjoy…I enjoy life so much more.  I feel better.  I sleep better, my kids sleep better, we are generally in much better shape because of the choices we have made about what goes into our bodies and our souls.  

So I invite you to consider your inner healer. Turn off all of those commercials telling you that you are just one new prescription away from health, or one diet or exercise machine away from the body you want to have.  It’s not always easy, and it can be more complicated that just this…but start with eating real food.  Something so simple can change everything.  And if you are doing that and still struggling, then start looking into nutrient imbalances and signs that you might have a deficiency somewhere.  Message me if you have questions!  I love to help and I might at least have a resources or books to recommend. One of the first books I always begin with is Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing.  I’ve researched this stuff a ton.  Consider homeopathy and cell salts for healing.  I use them daily and these wonderful healing tools have changed my life as well.  

Take some time for yourself and think about your wonderfully perfect body and soul.  Ask it what it needs!  You might be surprised to hear the answers that come back to you!  

Be well friends.  


Here are a few of my top books that helped me to find my inner healer.

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Hi! I am a happy military wife and mother of 2 little ones. I love to research health. My mission is to help YOU find your own healthy life philosophy. My cornerstone is the fundamental belief that the body wants to heal...we just have to supply the right tools and let our wonderful amazing bodies do the rest!

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