My and my littles!


Hi, My name is Jaimi 


I believe we all have a story to share and through the sharing of these stories we become fuller individually and collectively. Taking a moment to walk in another’s shoes gives us the benefit of learning from each others experiences, mistakes and successes, as well as develop deeper connection and compassion for one another.  This is a belief I hold dear, and what inspired me to start sharing my story.  I hope you find something valuable here and I hope you will share your stories with me as well.  I would love to hear from you!

I love to learn new things.  That is truly my hobby in life.  I am constantly reading, trying new recipes for not only food, but homemade skin care and household items as well, and just learning more about living a healthy lifestyle in every way.  I am a mom to two sweet children who have become my biggest inspiration.  They have given me a whole new reason for making our lives and home healthy and happy!  My son struggled with speech delays, sensory issues and other developmental delays really from day one.  Having him as my teacher has really given me wonderful new eyes through which to see my entire world.  I have learned about clean eating because of him as we started him on the GAPS diet protocol over this past summer.  I have learned about nutrition from an entirely new perspective and seen how diet changes can affect a person in the most amazing ways.  It has been a miracle to watch him start talking and getting better in every way after just days on the GAPS diet.  My little girl has struggled with sensitive skin and eczema and because of this I have started examining my household products even further.  We have had to change 100% of the daily products we use around the house and on our skin especially.  I also discovered that many of these products are also neurotoxic and should not be used my son either.

So here I am, finding myself on a wonderful new journey in my life and the things I have learned along the way inspired me to speak up and share my story.  I hope you will join me on my journey.  I believe each of us holds the key to our own healthy life philosophy and as I share what has become mine, I hope it will inspire you to find your story, find your path to true health and your own healthy life philosophy!